Moving is a constant love and need in her life. If it is trying to run as fast as she can, or standing still in stormy weather.

After a few years ballet as a little child she “stopped” dancing for a long time. She started dancing again in her free time when she went  to University to study Environmental Science: Modern and Improvisation.

She preformed in a piece of Carla Hamel “Ground”, in some improvisation instant pieces with a free jazz-saxophonist Bo de Graaf, and nowadays she dances at Dans Improvisatie Utrecht.
Susan is interested in:
- being a part of the environment where she dances in (even when she is not actually on stage)
- contrasting or finding the underlying rhythm in music and the rest of the people dancing
- being a spectator of the whole, while dancing
- which body part connects to which instrument(s)
- and so much more